Vahagn Galstyan

Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin
Institute for International Integration Studies
Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel: (353 1) 896 1597
Fax: (353 1) 677 2503
E-mail: v.galstyan (at) tcd (dot) ie






Working Papers

  • Debt Thresholds and Real Exchange Rates: An Emerging Markets Perspective, (with Adnan Velic), November 2014.

  • Optimal Policy and the Sectoral Composition of Output in a New Keynesian Model, (with Michael Wycherley), March 2012.

  • Terms of Trade in the Medium-run, October 2011.

  • Publications

  • Productivity, Trade, and Relative Prices in a Ricardian World, Open Economies Review, forthcoming.

  • Country Size and Exchange Rates, Economica, forthcoming.

  • Bilateral Portfolio Dynamics During the Global Financial Crisis, (with Philip Lane), European Economic Review 57, 2013, pp.63-74.

  • The Dynamics of Portfolio Holdings in Emerging Europe, (with Philip Lane), European Economy 75, February 2011, pp.66-81.

  • The Composition of Government Spending and the Real Exchange Rate, (with Philip Lane), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 41, September 2009, pp.12331249.

  • Fiscal Policy and International Competitiveness: Evidence from Ireland, (with Philip Lane), Economic and Scial Review 40, September 2009, pp.299-315.

  • External Imbalances and the Extensive Margin of Trade, (with Philip Lane), Economic Notes 37, November 2008, pp.241257.